Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Where's Jaso

I'm starting to get addicted to the blog give away competitions.  They're so easy to enter and it's quite exciting to be in for a chance of winning some goodies.  I've just entered 44th Street Fabric's give away for 6 whole yards of Tula Pink's Hushabye fabric.  How can you pass that up?

I like their unusual "Where's Jaso" twist on the competition as well.  Have a look at 44thstreetfabric

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Surprise visit from the stork

Not much I can blog about at the moment because I'm working on a quilt for a wedding present and I don't want to ruin the surprise.  However, I've just found out about this little cutie:

So when I get to the hand quilting of the wedding quilt I'll have another project to distract me if it gets a little tedious.  Yay!  I get to go shopping for baby fabrics.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Shiny new camera anyone?

I've been struggling to take any decent pictures with my camera that has been on one too many drunken nights out.  So fingers crossed I can win this bad boy:

You can enter this giveaway at Alexis Miller's blog.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Pins and Needles 2010

I went to an exhibition last weekend which was a little bit of a let down.  It was called Pins and Needles and so I expected lots of sewing, knitting and other needle related crafts but there was, in fact, very little.  It was mostly card making and scrap-booking with far too many chiropractor's stalls thrown in.  I must admit my back does get a little sore when I'm bent over a sewing machine all day but that's the last thing I want to be reminded of when I go for a day out.

Still, there were a couple of stalls with fabric and a quilt competition to get some inspiration from.  Here are some of my favourites.  I'll give you a peak at my purchases when I find my camera ....

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Sneaky Peak no. 1

After a marathon of cutting and sewing (and a little bit of swearing - the silk is NOT easy to piece) I now have 128 four-patch blocks and 128 triangle in square blocks.

I absolutely love the bright jewel colours of the silk and the crisp line you get when you press them but it is such a pain trying to cut with the pinking blade on the rotary cutter.  Trying to take a measurement from a wavy line is not ideal but it does leave you with adorable off-cuts:

It seems a shame to throw them away.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The amazing Atomium hat!

Just a quicky in case anybody was wondering if I managed to make myself into a big shiny ball building - Ta da!!!

Yes, that is a very random collection of fancy dress but that's what you get when you give the theme of "Belgium".  It's not the most inspirational theme ever.

What you can't see is the silver PVC fifties style skirt that I'm wearing underneath.  Very handy in a messy drink spillage situation