Monday, 16 November 2009

First set of Christmas presents

It's been an awful month. Ear infection which became labyrinthitis which was quickly followed by swimmer's ear. What on earth is going on with my ears?!? I'm typing with my head on one side so that my ear drops can soak in and it's very odd.

Through all the illness I've managed to get a good start on my Christmas presents. Meet Quack Quack and Bunny, they're made from Tilda patterns in Tilda materials and I just love them. They are for the twins but they're not quite finished. Quack Quack needs a hat and they both need faces but it shouldn't take long to finish them up.

I've also almost finished a quilt for my father and step-mother. It's all pieced and layered up, I'm just trying to do the quilting but the ear problems mean I'm struggling with straight lines. Hopefully I'll be finished in a couple of days and you can have a look.

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