Thursday, 10 February 2011

Tidying my room (aka playing with my blocks)

I realised today that I couldn't get to my computer because of the various quilt blocks and pieces of ball dress that are scattered around my room. It's not an ideal working condition so I decided to have a tidy up. Unfortunately, a constructive idea led to me spending quite a while playing with my blocks on my pinboard.

They are off my desk so I think it counts as tidying. However, when I then started slicing up fabric I knew the procrastination had gotten out of hand. 

I cut up the rest of my layer cake ready to be made into blocks but now they look so tempting in their neat little piles that I really want to scrap the work and start sewing. No! Must work on boring project about mud .... must not play with pretty fabric .... must not start cutting solid layer cake .... Nooooo!

They way I've cut these blocks has left me with 1" strips which seem too small to be of any use but they just look too cute to throw away. Does anyone have any ideas?


  1. You are a brilliant gal! Always you have the best color combos and sewing techniques.
    Love to visit your blog!

  2. Can you do some strip blocks with them?
    BTW, how do you make the Quilts in Progress % bars on the right of your blog? Is it a blog plug-in or did you do some fancy coding?
    Madame Tut

  3. Ohhhhh, I love these blocks! Ignore the study, keep on sewing!

  4. Why not start a string quilt with all the scraps see Pleasant Home blog for some great inspiration. Love the quilt you are assembling on your board! Have a great weekend