Saturday, 16 April 2011

Solid bear paws

I thought that using a solid jelly roll would make the bear paws look more modern but now it's done I think it has a traditional look about it too.

We had a fluke window of gorgeous sunshine this week so I took the time to get some outside pictures.

The subtle differences in the creams show up a lot better in natural light. 

I made a quick trip to The Fat Quarters to buy some batting and have a natter with Kim so now I just need to decide how to quilt this one. I think I might try free motion for the first time but I think I'll need to practice on something smaller first!


  1. A beautiful quilt!

  2. Very pretty! I would for sure practice on something smaller but you won't have a problem because everything that you do is beautiful!

  3. Really nice and it's not too traditional and not too contemporary - timeless!

  4. I love this it is gorgeous!

  5. Your bear paws are beautiful!