Thursday, 5 January 2012

Iron Quilter finished just in time

I haven't been well recently so this is a little delayed. I managed to finish a quilt for the Iron Quilter competition. It isn't what I hoped to make but that's what I get for leaving things to the last minute.

I only used 5 of the 9 blocks because I ran out of time to piece together the final 4. I have all the subsections made up, so I'm thinking I'll make some matching cushions. 

I alternated the pieced bocks with some plain white-on-white blocks, quilted a motif in the centre of each one and echo quilted the Missouri stars. I think I managed to escape the 80s Laura Ashley look a little bit.

The finalists will be announced on the Missouri Star Quilt Company's blog sometime in the next couple of days. So fingers crossed...

With that complete my mind has turned back to tea cosies. I'm thinking squirrels!


  1. what a lovely quilt. it looks great with the white sqaures

  2. Absolutely fabulous! Such talent! Hope you win!