Thursday, 16 February 2012

WIP Wednesday No. 15

Finishes this week
Mum's quilt is all finished. See more details here.

Progress this week
So far, so good when it comes to sticking to the list. I've chosen to finish the Pear Tree Quilt next because I really want to get it sent over to New York to help out somebody in need.

I cut out all the fabrics on Sunday:

Then I played around with the squares to get a good balance on Monday night:

I started piecing on Tuesday but then had to rip it all out because nothing was lining up. When I tried again this evening I had the same problem and after a quick tantrum discovered that all my squares are 8 3/8" instead of 8 1/2"!

No idea how that happened but after a bit of bodging I managed to get 2 rows pieced together:

I think it will be really cute when it's done.

Still to go

  1. Strawberry patch
  2. Wedding ring
  3. Echino baby quilt
  4. Vintage quilt
  5. Block of the month
  6. Hex-a-long
  7. Bear Paw

Why not pop over to Freshly pieced to see what everyone else is up to this Wednesday. 


  1. I love that plum and tan quilt. That is 'sew' pretty. I like your fabric squares, and think they are going to look really neat with that 'lattic' effect.
    ~Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva

  2. Hi Jill
    I am delighted to pass on my Liebster Blog award to you. You need to post the Liebster Blog award button to your blog and link back to me in a post. In turn you gate to choose five blogs of less than 200 followers to pass on your award
    Best wishes
    Liv x

  3. Come back...I miss you....I think about you...I'm worried about you....