Friday, 23 July 2010

Forget the quilt, what about the dress?!?

I've been concentrating so hard on finishing the wedding quilt that I'd completely forgotten that I have to make my dress to wear to the wedding.  I fell in love with these shoes and bought the last pair in the shop:

Impulse buy!  I then couldn't find anything to go with them at all so I found a pattern and bought some fabric.  That was 2 months ago and I've only just remembered that I have some pretty shoes and a hat but nothing to wear in between.  Not really appropriate for church.

It's like a great big fabric jigsaw puzzle.  Time to get sewing....


  1. Man ! I love those shoes!! Can't wait to see your dress your making !! Please post a picture of it!!

  2. Found your blog via Hillbilly Handiworks.. read through and its fascinating - even though I don't quilt. (I paint)
    So now, I'm a follower :)

  3. I adore those shoes! So Lucy! If I wore dresses and heels, I'd buy a pair. Make sure you post a picture of you modeling them and the dress!