Thursday, 12 August 2010

Wedding quilt finish

I made it!  The quilt got finished, the dress got finished and they both made it the 350 miles to the wedding without being lost, damaged or stolen.  I managed to take some pictures of it before I handed it over to the bride and groom.

By the way, I don't live in a castle and sleep in a four-poster bed every night.  That's just the hotel room but maybe some day ........  

Don't the bride and groom look happy.  You can see where I got my colour inspiration from - I was there when the bride bought the fabric for her dress.

Oh well, on to the next project, a block swap on the Missouri Star Quilt Forum.


  1. Great job on the quilt !!
    I just finished a wedding quilt too !! It feels so good to finally be done with it!! Yes,on to another fun project!!

  2. What a unique dress! Just beautiful. And I'd say your quilt was truly inspired. Equally beautiful!