Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Do fish have lips?

Another day, another 5 CVs sent out. Job hunting really is mind numbingly boring. I'm glad I have my quilting to keep me sane.

I finished all the blocks for the Strawberry Patch quilt this afternoon. It turns out the pressing wasn't so bad. The trimming, however, was an absolute nightmare! I spent hours and hours bent over the cutting board as you can probably tell by the large pile of trimmings left over.

I've laid all the blocks out on the floor (I really wish I had a design wall) and balanced all the different values of the prints but I'm going to have a little play on the computer to make some final decisions. Sashing or no? All blocks in the same direction or alternating? Border or no border?

On a completely different theme, I've had tea cosies on my mind for a while now. Remember this one I made for my mum for Christmas?

I kind of copied this one from a cosy I saw in a shop window but it got me thinking about other animals that might work. I did a little doodling in front of the TV, which leads me back to my random blog title: Do fish have lips?

Because that doesn't look quite right!


  1. I love the fish and your cosy. I've never tried to kiss a fish, so have no idea if they have lips! lolol

  2. I'm a die hard black tea drinker and was thinking this morning that I can't believe I don't have a cozy. I love these. I'd have to go bold with color, but you have my gears turning.

  3. Do I have a design wall for you....

  4. found your blog via the small blog meet.. and I can't believe I haven't been here before! Your talent is absolutely inspiring! and your conversational, humorous posts are so refreshing! I am your newest follower and can't wait to see how your projects progress! Your fish is adorable, by the way, lips and all, and I totally feel your pain on the job hunting by the way. i usually get about half way through a cover letter/ application before I wonder off into my blogroll...