Thursday, 4 November 2010

Cramped sewing

One of the problems of living in college accommodation has always been that you have very little space. You have to live, sleep, work and have fun in one tiny little room. It gets a whole lot worse when you try to sew in there as well!

Please excuse the picture quality - mum took the camera on holiday with her to ..... Houston quilt market! I am so incredibly jealous but I couldn't take the time out during term to make the trip with her. At least I'm starting to be able to squeeze some sewing in finally.

To make up for my lack of quilting output, I thought I would start to share some pictures of Durham. This is my view on the way to lectures this morning. I'm studying civil engineering and I think that it's a real shame that I won't ever get to work on a building as beautiful as this:

Durham Cathedral in the Autumn light


  1. It is good to see you post again!!

    I feel for you trying to sew in that space. Do you have a roommate? If so...that would be HORRIBLE!

    I would be ultra jealous of your mum too. Does she have a blog? I would love to see what type of quilting that she loves to do.

    I love those old Cathedrals. It is a shame nothing is built 'pretty' anymore. If it is pretty, then it is just 'modern' pretty.

  2. YES! What Tonya said lol! Good to see you back in blogland! I'm impressed that you can get any sewing done at school at all, I never could lol! I hope your Mum took a LOT of pics to share from the quilt show, wish I could have made it but will definitely do so next year, if you go, let's plan to meet! I love old architecture and when on holidays like to take the time to admire it, and wonder and marvel at it all. Thanks for sharing and will be looking forward to more pics. Hope you're feeling better, too!