Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Block swap dilemma

I signed up to the latest block swap over at the Missouri Star Quilt Forum. The idea is to make your favourite block using any floral fabric as a focus. I don't really have a favourite block so I dug out the book I bought at the Festival of Quilts thinking that I would choose one from there:

I don't know how anyone can pick from 5500 blocks. It's virtually impossible! I ended up riffling the pages, closing my eyes and pointing at random blocks. After ignoring the ones that looked way too difficult, the plain bizarre (really? A swastika block? Is that absolutely necessary?) I narrowed it down to four.

 1) Annie's Choice   2) Flying Dutchman

3) Japanese Lantern   4) Weathervane

I think I'm erring towards the Japanese lantern. My LQS has some lovely Japanese fabrics. I think that if I choose some jewel colours with a dark background, they will look like they're really glowing. But then I think the weathervane would look lovely also.

What do you think?


  1. I LITERALLY just dug this same book out of my mom's book stash, because I've been looking for blocks for a sampler I am sketching out!! Since I just looked through it breifly yesterday, I can totally commiserate! There are WAY too many choices, but the four you have picked out are good. I like weathervane the most at first glance, but I think the lantern one is totally unique from anything I've seen and would showcase the prints nicely i think. Sorry for the long comment, I just think it's too funny about looking through the same book :)

  2. Weathervane is to be one of 2 blocks for my next quilt! I have that book and was little overwhelmed with the choice! Also, some blocks are just variations on a theme.

  3. I have a different book with almost the same amount of blocks. Mine is by Jenny Beyer. But I couldn't believe the swastika block. Who would make that??

    I vote for the lantern as it is different. I like it :)