Thursday, 8 September 2011

WIP Wednesday No. 5

Well I've drilled, painted, weeded and planted until all my jobs are done around the house and, since I now have a job lined up, I no longer need to spend hours every day filling in application forms which means much more sewing time coming up! So not much progress this week but I expect leaps forward in the next fortnight.

Tea cosies
Fishy Fish Fish mark 2 is all finished up. The new version is on the left with his clone on the right. I made the scales much larger which made it quicker and easier to assemble.

I think the larger scales are still effective so they'll be making it to the final pattern. I'm not so sure about the polka dot eye though. So say goodbye to him because he's going to be put to one side for a bit while I work on the rest of the menagerie.

Next up is Heffalump. I couldn't resist using the French General blues for him which means he's a lot more subdued than Fishy but cute in his own adorable way. His sections are all cut out and ready to assemble.

To add the 3D element he's going to have flappy ears and a dangly tail.

New projects
I was just saying yesterday that I couldn't think about quilts because I couldn't afford any new fabric but - TA DA! - the quilting fairy (AKA my lovely mother) brought me these gorgeous Cath Kidston fat quarters home from her shopping spree.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with them but I'm going to have fun playing.

Big sister has also commissioned me to make 3 drawstring bags for the little nieces so I need to get my head around those this week.

Other Projects
  • Neutral jelly roll bear paws - Going to be my "practice" quilt when I start learning on the Gammill soon
  • Strawberry Patch - Slowly quilting around the blocks. Check the side bar for progress.
  • Frosted window panes - I have found the pattern and it's hanging above my desk where  can't lose it again. Can't wait to get started:

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  1. I love how it looks like the fish are having a standoff! Very cute. Your fabric fairy brought some very cute treats!

  2. Your tea cosies are adorable! Looking forward to seeing the elephant one finished.

  3. Those fish tea cozies are so fun.

    Have fun playing with your new fabric from your Mom.

  4. hmmm, no progress at all does not sound good but it does sound so me.

    I love all your cozies. You need to get your patterns made and sell them!

  5. Look at you go with the cozies! Can't wait to see the elephant done up. :D