Thursday, 29 September 2011

WIP Wednesday No. 7

I'm having a very productive week so far. Tiring but productive. By the end of the week I need to have made 3 stuffed toys, a tea cosy and finished up my block swap blocks. I've given myself a strict timetable and, so far, I've managed to stick to it.

This evening's progress

One completed goose


a redesigned heffalump

Block swap
It didn't occur to me that 25 blocks is actually equivalent to making a whole quilt. I'm slowly getting through the piecing in between other jobs. So far I have 108 pointy house shaped things, 108 HSTs and 108 plain 2.5" squares. I just need to dog ear 108 rectangles then I'm ready to put them together.

The blocks are supposed to be in the mail by 20th October but I want to get them posted ASAP because they always take so long to get to the US.

Time to sleep, work in the morning (I still like the sound of that, I wonder when that will wear off.

Why not pop over to Freshly pieced to see what everyone else is up to this Wednesday.


  1. I clicked over onto your schedule and I actually think that's a great idea--to set up some goals and shoot to get them done (laughed at the Maria's birthday party goal). But look at you! Success! Sometimes my goals all turn to mush because I start reading blogs and slump into tired. But you've given me a great idea. I'm off to make up a goal sheet for myself, too, right after I finish the grading and looking at a few more WIP blogs (I try to hit 10 every Wednesday, and tonight I'm starting from 101 and working backwards--we late posters never get enough love!)

    Elizabeth E!

  2. goodness - where do you find the time!

  3. That goose is cute! Good grief that is a large swap! Is it on the forum? After two I had to time!

  4. Oh, Heffalump. Come visit me in the US. Well Jill if I am ever your swap partner in anything you know what to make me... Ha!