Monday, 7 November 2011

The green eyed monster

I adore my new job doing the long arm quilting at The Fat Quarters. I get to play with quilts all day and get paid for it, who could ask for anything more!

There are some drawbacks, however, the main one being major quilt envy. Every now and again (almost every time) I fall in love with the quilt that I'm working on and it's incredibly hard to hand them back to the owners. This week I'm basting a quilt so that it can be hand quilted at home.

Please excuse the bad picture quality - they were taken in a basement with my phone. Look at all those hundreds of perfectly pieced 1" squares and the panels are lovely little snowdrops. 

It's been made by a really sweet 80 year old lady. She must have the patience of a saint because it's over 100" long. If you click on the image above you can just about see the marking lines where she's going to hand quilt. I hope she brings it in so that I can see it finished.

This is the back of a little cot quilt that I just adored. I was proud of my first attempt at stars.

I'm now going to attempt some sewing of my own. I am so short on time at the moment that it's really difficult to squeeze in my own projects. Hmmm, which to work on... hexagons or wedding rings....?


  1. We will take a week off of hexagons later in the month...then you can catch up. Your wedding rings are doing so well I can understand wanting to make them!

    I am amazed how well you are doing on your long arm work. Fantastic!

  2. glad you're enjoying the new job. That is an amazing quilt your lady has done, so much work!