Monday, 28 November 2011

Something completed - finally!

It seems like months since I finished anything and, although I realise it isn't a complete finish, I'm happy to have finished the quilt top for the sofa.

To give you some context, here is a picture of our very beige living room with a dark plum sofa that sticks out like a sore thumb.

The quilt top has turned out a lot busier than I thought it would but I still think it does a good job at tying in the plum and beige.

I'm going to take it into work tomorrow and see if I can sneak it onto the long-arm and get it quilted. It would be a lovely surprise for mum. she's coming out of the hospital on Thursday evening for the knitting club Christmas dinner (sounds exciting, right?) so, if it could be done by then, that would be perfect.

Now on to a hexagon...


  1. it looks fabulous on your settee. Hope you have a lovely knitting club dinner with your mum