Friday, 11 November 2011

Well there goes another good intention....

When I looked at my WIP Wednesday this week, I realised that my WIPs are growing. I used to start a project and carry it through to the end but now it's been months since I actually finished anything. So I had all the intentions in the world not to start anything new, to concentrate on one thing at a time and to finish up some projects.

But then this arrived:

I just love the look of a USPS packet because I know straight away that it's going to have gorgeous fabric inside. This one had my charm packs for the "Iron Quilter" competition and this beautiful, if slightly crumpled, layer cake of Chrysalis by Sanae.

I know it's quite an old line now but I've been resisting it for so long, I finally gave in. One of the first quilts I made was this disappearing 9-patch using the Arcadia line, which is by the same designer, and I just adored it. I sold it and I know it went to a very good home but I miss it.

I'm hoping I can make something I will love just as much with this layer cake.

When we were at the "Knitter natter" last night in Woolaballoo it was late night opening at The Fat Quarters next door (it really is dangerous having these two shops next door to each other). My sister decided she wanted some Christmas bunting

Any excuse for fabric shopping is good for me so we ran next door and bought these cute Countdown to Christmas  fabrics by Sweetwater. Another design team that I have admired from afar. At least that should be a quick project.

So, instead of finishing up a project this week, I have already added 3 new ones. Poop.


  1. I can take a project off your hands, just send that chrysalis to me ;) that's an old line but still a favorite of mine. Can't wait to see what you do with it!!

  2. When I make a quilt that I love, it seems like I want to make a second or even a third of the same pattern! Disappearing 9 patch is one of my favorites. I have an Americana one and a Mary Engelbreit one. As far as finishing things goes, once in awhile I just commit myself to work until I am done with just one thing. It helps to feel like I accomplished something.

  3. Love the fabrics! I have this same problem. I have lots of WIPs that I need to finish, but I really really want to start something new!

  4. I wish I could laugh! My list stopped because I either ran out of paper or ink, then I just gave up.
    The Chrysalis fabric is for your own quilt, and you haven't chosen a block or pattern yet, so I don't think it counts as a WIP. Besides, you needed to get it before the line wasn't available any more right?
    I am sure you will get to them all in good time. Best wishes on your Iron Quilter entry! I passed on that one.